Health and Medication

People become serious about health only when the problems become extremely serious. Prevention is an utmost priority and a strict medication is necessary for a better life.

The heart diseases are due to the excess of cholesterol which links to the unhealthy eating. Cancer signified by an uncontrolled cell growth is again partly due to physical inactiveness. Women have a high risk of breast cancers. Skin cancer is caused due to harmful radiations and proper skin care is mandatory. Asthma and Tuberculosis are lung diseases mainly caused due to air pollutants and smoking. It is advised to quit smoking.

Diabetes is caused by lack of insulin in the body. Arthritis is the bone disease of bone twisting. Obesity and gastric problems can be countered by weight loss. Hepatitis B is an infectious disease, transmitted through body fluids. Sexually transmitted disease like AIDS is caused due to the HIV virus.


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